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Commercial Lighting

We can provide exterior and parking lot lights, as well as all interior fixtures, to turn any size commercial property into a LED lighting showcase. You will significantly reduce your energy and maintenance costs up to 50-75% while utilizing the latest LED technology.

Our Commercial LED Lighting Specialties

  • • Auto Dealers
  • • Freestanding Buildings
  • • Parking Garages
  • • Shopping Centers
  • • Banks
  • • Warehouses
  • • Retail Space
  • • Small Business

Save Your Working Capital

With flexible financing options, we can provide you with a monthly payment that allows your kWh savings to pay for all or a large portion of the light bill and your lighting project! In addition, we will eliminate your monthly lighting maintenance costs as our new lighting system includes a manufacturer 5-year parts and labor guarantee. Better lighting paid for by savings!

Residential Lighting

Traditional home lighting like fluorescent or incandescent bulbs are hot, dim, and expensive to burn. Replace your old home lighting with cooler, longer lasting, brighter, and more energy efficient LED technology. Get better lighting while saving money on your lighting.

Our home LED lighting specialties:

  • • Interior
  • • Exterior
  • • Garage
  • • Security Lighting
  • • Decorative Lighting